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Access to the full text of a country's laws and regulations related to the environment.

Chemical Safety » Tank Safety

EPA requirements for above ground and below ground storage tanks

Undergound Storage Tanks Laws & Regulations [9951] ?

Text of EPA underground storage tank regulations

Environmental Health » Drinking Water

Requirements on ground water and drinking water quality

EPA Drinking Water Regulations and Guidance [9861] ?

Regulated contaminants

EPA Ground Water Rule [9863] ?

Information on the ground water rule

Environmental Health » Environmental Law

Case law developments, resources related to environmental law

Entri Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators [26951] ?

Access environmental treaty data

Environmental Law Materials [11095] ?

Federal statutes, regulations, court decisions and some state & international materials

Global Environmental Law - Its Emergence [908] ?

A 2009 paper on the topic

Environmental Health » TRI

EPA Toxic Release Inventory (TRI) forms, reports, data

TRI Policy, Regulations & Statutes [13597] ?

Information on TRI-related statutes and rules

Environmental Health » Waste Management

EPA resource documents on solid wastes topics

EPA - Municipal Solid Waste - Landfill Regulations [37549] ?

US Environmental Protection Agency rules pertaining to the operation and management of municipal solid waste landfills

International Safety » Australia

References from government and business entities in Australia

Environment Australia Legislation [14314] ?

The environmental laws for Australia

International Safety » Bulgaria

References from government and business entities in Bulgaria

Environmental Legislation - Bulgaria [25824] ?

Harmonization of National Environmental Legislation with Acquis. Sub-levels

International Safety » European Union

References from government and business entities about European Union

Environment: Environmental Law - European Commission [1395] ?

Text of some of the European Commission's environmental directives & other information

International Safety » Guam

References from government and business entities in Guam

Guam Environmental Laws and Regulations [29773] ?

Text of the environmental laws and regulations

International Safety » India

References from government and business entities in India

India Ministry of Environment and Forests [36228] ?

Issues regulations covering environment related regulation, and programmes- wildlife, conservation, etc

International Safety » Latvia

References from government and business entities in Latvia

Ministry of Environmental Protection: Environmental Legislation [14309] ?

The text of selected environmental laws and regulations in Latvia

International Safety » New Zealand

References from government and business entities in New Zealand

International Safety » South Africa

References from government and business entities in South Africa

OHS: Online Legislation - South Africa [9716] ?

Text of occupational health & safety act

US Laws » Asbestos Standards

Full text of asbestos-related laws in the USA

ASHAA: Asbestos School Hazard Abatement Act [10505] ?

Full text of ASHAA

Hazardous Organic NESHAP [10503] ?

National Emission Standards for Organic Hazardous Air Pollutants

US EPA Asbestos Laws [10504] ?

Guidance on AHERA, AIA, ASHARA, etc

US Laws » EPA Laws

Full text of CFR 40 Protection of the Environment.- plus, state EPA laws

CFR Title 40 - Environmental Protection [75] ?

Text of the regulations

EPA and the Food Quality Protection Act (EQPA) of 1996 [6217] ?

Information about the food quality law & how EPA implements it

EPA Regulations and Statutes [2416] ?

Full text of various EPA environmental rules and statutes - clean air, superfund, clean water, etc.

Pollution Prevention Act [10507] ?

Full text of the US Code's Pollution Prevention Act

US Laws » Pesticide Laws

Full text of EPA & FDA regulations relating to pesticides

Agricultural Worker Protection Standard [10430] ?

EPA guidance for the protection of workers and pesticides

Pesticide Federal Laws [5275] ?

EPA regulations relating to pesticides

US Laws » TSCA Rules

Full text of 40 CFR Subchapter R Part 700 Toxic Sustances Control Act (TSCA)

40 CFR Parts 700 to 789 Toxic Substances Control [6425] ?

Full text of the control of toxic substances as required by US federal laws

Statutes: 40 CFR Subchapter R Toxic Sustances Control Act [6424] ?

Full text of 40 CFR Subchapter R Part 700 Toxic Sustances Control Act (TSCA)

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