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Analysis of past, present and future industry trends.

Associations » International Safety

Resources concerned with workplace safety polices and issues internationally

Nuclear Energy Agency [3272] ?

Promotes development of nuclear energy as a safe, acceptable & economical energy sourc

Health Care Safety » HIPAA

Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of 1996 materials

HIPAA & Regulatory Issues [4844] ?

HIPPA-related documents from the National Association of Health Underwriters

Health Care Safety » Patient Confidentiality

Medical record privacy, patient confidentiality, etc.

Confidentiality Issues [4272] ?

Analysis of confidentiality issues by the National Association of Health Underwriters

Insurance Loss Control » Insurance Trends

Trends in insurance and risk management

Marsh Insights [982] ?

Insights and perspectives from Marsh

Marine Safety » Watercraft Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Aids to Navigation - Road Signs of the Waterway [6722] ?

A quick guide to navigation systems buoys, beacons, and markers

Safety Forms » HR Posters

Government posting requirements

WA-Washington Labor Posters [8848] ?

Download workplace posters required in the state of Washington

Safety Training » Safety Training

Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

Online Safety Training Tutorials [3203] ?

Safety basics

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