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Full text of construction safety related programs - some currently in use.

Chemical Safety » Pesticide Safety

Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Pesticide Safety Program [17396] ?

Safety policies and procedures related to pesticide use

Construction Safety » Blasting Safety

Technical materials on explosives, blasting agents and detonators

Blasting: Systematic Drilling and Blasting for Surface Excavations [pdf] [6451] ?

Blasting operations reference manual

Construction Safety » Contractor Safety Manual

Sample construction safety programs, rules, policies, checklists, SOPs

Building Construction Manual [28464] ?

View operational manual online

Caltrans Maintenance Manual [40844] ?

For state highway maintenance and safety

Canada: Construction Health and Safety Manual [18975] ?

Templates and guidance

Construction Environmental Health and Safety Standard [17002] ?

Example of a contractor/subcontractor safety assessment program

Construction Project Management Handbook [30223] ?

Guide for public transit agencies covering all phases of the construction project.

Construction Safety Manual [pdf] [25167] ?

Example of a construction manual in use by an airport authority

Contractor EHS Manual [pdf] [40515] ?

A university's requirements for construction, service and maintenance contractors who service their facilities

Contractor Safety Guide [pdf] [22280] ?

Sample safety guide for contractors performing work on your premises (pdf)

Contractor Safety Guide [22584] ?

Guide used by a university to control contractors on their campus

Contractor Safety Manual - University [pdf] [22582] ?

Construction safety requirements of a major university

Contractor Safety Responsibilities [22587] ?

Designed by a university to control contractor safety on their campus

Electrician Construction Manual [28463] ?

7 chapters plus appendices - operational manual - view online

Elevator Industry Field Employees' Safety Handbook [28919] ?

Text of a construction jobsite safety manual

Framing Contractor Injury and Illness Prevention Program [pdf] [35803] ?

Example of a safety manual for a framing contractor

Safety and Health Program for Construction Projects [pdf] [32317] ?

A processes and procedure manual

Safety Guide for Project Managers [pdf] [20633] ?

A safety handbook for job site project managers

Updated Safety Health Manual for Contractors [pdf] [33490] ?

Text of a construction safety manual

Sample Accident Prevention Program - Construction (Spanish) [doc] [22590] ?

Download a sample construction safety program

Sample Construction Safety Policies - Canada [18981] ?

A company safety program should include the following policies

Sample Contractor Safety Program [pdf] [39371] ?

For construction related trades

Solar Construction Safety Manual [pdf] [35583] ?

A safety manual for the construction industry specific to solar projects

Steelworker Manual [28461] ?

12 chapters plus appendices - view operational manual online

University Construction Standard [17003] ?

Contractor safety guidelines

Construction Safety » Excavation Safety

Resources on excavation and trenching safety requirements

Updated Trenching and Shoring Procedures [pdf] [2293] ?

Example of a trenching and shoring safety policy

Construction Safety » Jobsite Safety

Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Updated Pipeline Job Site Safety Plan [pdf] [35242] ?

Contractor safety resources

Insurance Loss Control » Certs

Certificates of insurance

Vendor Certificates of Insurance [3253] ?

Example of a risk management program for vendor certificates of insurance

Laboratory Safety » Chemical Hygiene Plan

Samples of CHP: Chemical Hygiene Plans for laboratory safety

Chemical Hygiene Plan & Laboratory Safety Manual [25342] ?

Sample of a CHP in use at a major university

Safety Programs » Safety Programs

Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Safety and Health Requirements Manual [pdf] [24297] ?

Text of the Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health Requirements Manual

Safety Guides and Manuals [22585] ?

Full text of a contractor safety guide, a general safety program and a radiation safety manual

US OSHA » OSHA Sample Programs

OSHA technical resources on safety programs, including motor vehicle safety

Updated ID-Idaho Sample Construction Safety Programs [27535] ?

A series of safety programs for construction - scaffolding, trenching, forklifts, LOTO, ladder safety, hazcomm, etc

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