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Access USA federal and state databases to determine a variety of information about a company such as EPA emissions, OSHA violations, FTC filings, etc. Also determine financial profiles, stock data, credit ratings, etc.

Alerts » Safety Recalls

Information regarding product recalls, food recalls, motor vehicle recalls, etc.

Updated CPSC Recalled Products by Company [17086] ?

Database of recalled products in the USA by company name

Aviation Safety » Airport Safety

Safety hazards and controls in aviation

Updated FAA Aviation Safety Information [5494] ?

Aviation safety information from the US Federal Aviation Administration

Aviation Safety » Aviation Statistics

Aviation accident statistics and related safety data

Updated FAA Licenses & Certificates [5496] ?

FAA certification information on aircraft, airlines, airmen, airports and medical certification

Chemical Safety » Hazardous Waste

Guides for hazardous waste management, site remediation, waste minimization

Healthier Hospitals Initiative [9458] ?

A group of hospitals focused on sustainability issues

Chemical Safety » Pesticide Safety

Information on controlling the hazards of pesticides

Pesticide Company Information Database Query [16575] ?

Information on pesticide companies

Databases » Company Research

Internet databases for researching information on specific American companies

Updated Agency Compile [17067] ?

Directory of marketing communications agencies

Annual Report Service [14899] ?

Conduct online company research, including viewing annual reports

CEO, CFO Certifications of Financial Statements [21780] ?

Companies whose CEOs and CFOs are required to file sworn statements with the SEC

Edgar Search [4216] ?

An interface to the SEC - Edgar database

Updated EPA Federal Register [5813] ?

Search the Federal Register for environmental issues faced by a company

FDIC Bank Failures [14927] ?

The list of Bank Failures and Assistance Transactions in the USA

FDIC Enforcement Decisions & Orders [14898] ?

The full text of the FDIC Enforcement Decisions and Orders (ED&O) is published here in its entirety

FDIC Institutions Search Engine [14921] ?

Provides nonfinancial demographic and classification information on FDIC Financial Institutions

Updated FDIC Summary of Deposits [14924] ?

Provides the total deposits by institution and branch

Fortune 500 News [1470] ?

Fortune 500 companies

FTC Actions [5815] ?

Search to see if the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has ever taken any actions against a company

Industry Week 1000 [2645] ?

The world's 1,000 largest publicly held manufacturing companies based on revenue

Litigation Watch [22669] ?

Search a company or industry to determine litigation status

NLRB Decisions [5814] ?

Determine if a company has had any union disputes that the NLRB has mediated

NSF Product and Service Listings [23305] ?

Databases to determine if a manufacturer's products or services are NSF certified

Patent Search [5816] ?

A searchable database of front page information from US patents issued from 1/76 to 6/23/98

Searchable Public Record Databases [12440] ?

Public searchable databases for US nationwide, by state and Canada

The Public Register [8057] ?

Annual reports of public companies trading on the NYSE, NASDAQ, AMEX, and OTC exchanges

UL Certification Databases [23321] ?

Check to see if a company and its products are UL certified

Yahoo! Finance [5811] ?

Obtain stock and the latest news information - search by company stock symbol

Zacks Research Center [10412] ?

Obtain investment information on companies

Databases » Environmental

Over 40 EPA environmental databases

Updated EPA Facility Inspection Database - Multisystem Search [17931] ?

Obtain information about a facility's toxic releases, air emission estimates, superfund status, etc

Environmental Health » EPA Enforcement

EPA enforcement actions, self-audit policy requirements, ALJ decisions, etc.

EPA ECHO [22383] ?

Enforcement and Compliance History Online (ECHO)

Environmental Health » RMP

EPA requirements for Risk Management Plan (RMP)

Guidance for Auditing RMP Plans under the Clean Air Act Section 112(r) [2652] ?

Risk Management Program (RMP) inspection and audit guidance

Fleet Safety » CSA

US DOT FMCSA Compliance, Safety Accountability (CSA) requirements

Motor Carrier Safety Measurement System [14796] ?

A tool used by FMSCA and State partners to evaluate a carrier's safety performance

Safety & Fitness Electronic Records Systems [1613] ?

Provides online access to carrier, vehicle, driver safety and credential information

Fleet Safety » Passenger Carriers

Governmental/business requirements for passenger carriers

US DOT Passenger Carrier Safety Ratings [5618] ?

Provides access to US government safety ratings of passenger carriers

Food Safety » Restaurants

Safety talks and information for restaurants and food operations

NY-New York City Food Operators Requirements [17097] ?

Health code requirements

Health Care Safety » Medical Devices

FDA regulatory guidance for manufacturers of medical devices

FDA Medical Device Databases [16488] ?

501(k)s, PMAs, GGP, MDR, MAUDE, NHRIC and other FDA medical device databases

Insurance Loss Control » Rating Agencies

Rating bureaus' insurance carrier ratings

Best's Ratings & Analysis [4265] ?

Insurance industry A.M. Best ratings announcements

Best's Ratings Online [1899] ?

A.M. Best financial strength rating for nearly 6,000 life/health, property /casualty, & intl

CA-California Insurance Companies [2699] ?

Lists and profiles of insurance companies and other entities

Canadian Insurance Company Ratings [636] ?

AM Best rating agency analyzing insurance companies in Canada and abroad

Moody's Insurance Ratings [10410] ?

Moody ratings, researc and news on insurance carriers

Standard & Poor's Insurance Ratings [10408] ?

Obtain S&P ratings on insurance carriers

Marine Safety » Watercraft Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Equasis [17095] ?

International database of quality and safety-related information on the world’s merchant ships

Occupational Medicine » Medicare

Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services - directories, fees, contracts

Medicare: OIG Exclusions [15172] ?

Database of individuals and entities that are excluded from participation in Medicare, Medicaid

MediGAP Search [22263] ?

Search for a specific Insurance Carrier's MediGap/OCNA Number

OIG Corporate Integrity Agreements [15173] ?

Current List of Corporate Integrity Agreements and Settlement Agreements with Integrity Provisions

Recreation Safety » Playground Safety

Playground safety information

IPEMA Certified Playground Equipment [23489] ?

Database of manufacturers of IPEMA certified playground equipment

Security » Hate Crime

Active hate groups, street gang criminals, hate crimes

Hatewatch [9468] ?

News on hate incidents in the USA

US OSHA » OSHA Compliance

OSHA inspection procedures, decisions, citations profile, etc.

Review Commission Decisions [3543] ?

Search engine to view full text of OSHA Review Commission Decisions

US OSHA » OSHA Inspections

Site specific targeting plans for inspections, home-based inspections & more

Establishment Inspections [2710] ?

Retrieve all inspection and violation information for a particular company

US State Laws » CA-California

Access to state agencies and laws for the state of California

CAL-OSHA Decisions Database [5071] ?

Summaries of all Cal-OSHA Appeals Board decisions back to 1974

Wellness Programs » Health Insurance

Disability insurance, health insurance, etc.

Health Insurance Consumer Insurance Guide [877] ?

The basics on health insurance in the USA

Workers Compensation » WC Decisions

State WC board decisions, court rulings, amicus curiae briefs on WC cases

NY-New York Court of Appeals WC Decisions [3048] ?

Full text of court of appeals decisions for the state of New York

Workers Compensation » WC Self-Insurance

State requirements for self insurance of WC

CA-California WC Self Insured Employer Rosters [23157] ?

Download lists of self-insureds

MI-Michigan WC Insurance Self-Insured Employer Lists [23161] ?

Includes self-insured employers, groups and service company lists

OH-Ohio Employer/MCO Lookup [23158] ?

Search engine to find Ohio employers and MCO's

WA-Washington WC Self-Insured Employer List [23159] ?

Download a list of employers that are self-insured for WC in Washington State

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