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  » Company Research:
    » Research on Individuals

Databases of information related to the background of individuals, SSN, sex offender registries, physican screening, etc.

Databases » Medical Databases

Online access to massive medical and toxicology databases

AMA Physician Select [3907] ?

Reference source of demographic and professional information on individual physicians in US

Fire Safety » Lighting Safety

Descriptions of lighting technologies

National Council on Qualifications for the Lighting Professions [10610] ?

Certification of lighting engineers in the lighting industry - LC Lighting Certified

Health Care Safety » Accreditation

Organizations & their procedures for accreditation of health care facilities

DocFinder [4113] ?

Health professional licensing database

Occupational Medicine » Code Sets

DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM and ICD-10-CM coding - Medicare payment rates

NPI Registry [22260] ?

Enables you to search for a provider's NPPES information

Unique Physician Identifier Number (UPIN) Directory [18045] ?

Unique numbering of physicians who provide services for which payment is made under Medicare

Security » Background Checks

Advice on checking references, SSN verification, fingerprinting, etc.

Selective Service System Database [20398] ?

Allows you to look up a man's Selective Service number, as well as the date he registered

Sex Offender Registries [6675] ?

Search databases to determine if a person is a convicted child sexual offender

Social Security Death Index [10132] ?

Search over 60 million names in the Social Security Death Index

US State Laws » CA-California

Access to state agencies and laws for the state of California

California Agent/Broker License Status Inquiry [10308] ?

Check to See if Your Agent or Broker is Licensed

California Insurance Consumer Complaint Study [10309] ?

Company Performance and Comparison Studies

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