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Online calculators require data entry and will calculate the results online.

Accident Analysis » Accident Investigation

Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

Car Crash Force Calculations [13415] ?

How to calculate car crash forces

Environmental Health » Climate Change

Understanding global warming and climate change

Carbon Footprint Calculator [31198] ?

Online calculator to obtain an estimate of your personal greenhouse gas emissions or your family’s emissions

Greenhouse Gas Equivalencies Calculator [31199] ?

Online calculator that converts greenhouse gas emissions reduction technical terms to terms easier to conceptualize

Ergonomics » Lifting Hazards

Guidance on how to control manual handling hazards in the workplace

Lifting Guidelines [24590] ?

On-line interactive lift assessment program

Ergonomics » Upper Limb Hazards

Elbow, shoulder and upper limb musculoskeletal disorders

RULA - Rapid Upper Limb Assessment [23927] ?

Posture analysis tool

Fire Safety » Building Design

Building design & architectural elements related to safety, maintenance, etc

Room Drywall Material And Cost Calculator [17961] ?

Calculate the amount the amount of sheetrock needed to drywall an area or a room

Fire Safety » Electrical Safety

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Technical Manuals for Electricians [7978] ?

Industry manuals for the electrical professional

Fire Safety » Lighting Safety

Descriptions of lighting technologies

Updated Commercial Building Lighting Upgrade Requirements [19043] ?

Energy Star requirements

Fire Safety » Railing Safety

Handrail and grab bar safety and accessibility requirements

Rise Run Stringer Stairs Calculator [38414] ?

To determine stair rise and run of each step and the length of boards needed for stair stringers

Fleet Safety » Fleet Costs

Fuel prices, new & used vehicle prices, taxes, cost of accidents

Updated Calculate Your Cost of Commuting [422] ?

Fill out this form to figure out your monthly commute cost

Crash Cost Calculator [25001] ?

Use this calculator to estimate the cost associated with a motor vehicle crash

Driving Cost Calculator [30980] ?

Calculate the cost of driving in dollars and amount of air pollution generated

Trucking: Operations Cost Per Mile Worksheet [27180] ?

Article plus MS Excel spreadsheet

Fleet Safety » Trucking Safety

Safety and the trucking industry

Bridge Formula Weights Calculator [31213] ?

Calculate the maximum allowable weight of axles of motor vehicles on the interstate highway system.

Fleet Safety » Vehicle Accidents

Accident investigation & reconstruction, preventability, trailer underride, etc.

Event Data Recorders - Federal Law [1642] ?

Federal Regulation (49CFR563) on Motor Vehicle Event Data Recorders

Fleet Accident Cost Calculator [36650] ?

Find out how much revenue it takes to offset fleet accident costs

Insurance Loss Control » Auto Liability

Insurance guides related to auto insurance

Cost/Benefit Worksheet For Fleet Safety [4150] ?

Calculator includes the impact of indirect costs of fleet accidents

Insurance Loss Control » Business Interruption

Contingency planning and business interruption materials

Business Interruption Calculator [30362] ?

For the calculation of business interruption costs and determining the amount of insurance coverage you need

Insurance Loss Control » Claims Management

Bad faith, structured settlements, large losses, etc.

How to Calculate Depreciation for Insurance [5766] ?

How to calculate a standard depreciation schedule

Insurance Loss Control » Credit Risk

Trade credit insurance (domestic -export), letters of credit, insure receivables

Credit Insurance - Cost / Benefit Analysis Calculator [17675] ?

Decision tool for purchasing credit insurance

Miscellaneous » Time

Time zones, world clocks, sun/moon rise and set, calendars, holidays

Calendar Generator [2292] ?

Creates one month or one year calendars

Federal Holidays [5100] ?

Select the year for which you would like a complete listing of Federal holidays for that year

Solar and Lunar Eclipses [5099] ?

Obtain the circumstances of recent and upcoming eclipses and transits

Sun & Moon Rise and Set [5097] ?

Receive sun and moon data

Sunrise, Sunset Calculators [5098] ?

Calculates the times of sunrise and sunset for that specific location, on that specified date

World Clock - Time Zones [2291] ?

Displays the current time and date for different time zones around the world

Occupational Medicine » Nursing

Continuing education resources for the nursing profession

Nursing Calculators [30400] ?

To assist with nursing math - dosage calculators, clinical calculators

Occupational Medicine » References

Lab values, height/weight charts, glossaries, abbreviations & measurements, etc.

Body Fat - Definitive Guide [2906] ?

Subcutaneous fat, visceral fat, brown fat

Calculate Body Mass Index [8879] ?

Input height and weight to obtain body mass index

Maximum Allowable Blood Loss Calculator [14993] ?

How much blood can your patient lose?

Physical Hazards » Cold Stress

Prevention of cold stress, wind chill factors, human thermal comfort requirement

Wind Chill Temperature Index [25966] ?

Wind chill chart, FAQ, calculator

Radiation Safety » Workplace Radiation

Radiation control programs, technical manuals, tutorials and more

Estimate Your Annual Radiation Dose [14699] ?

Estimate your annual dose due to background radiation

Respiratory Safety » Ventilation Safety

Fume hoods and other ventilation technical resource information

On-Line Fan Calculations [16385] ?

Online calculator designed to calculate the various properties of fans and blowers

Safety Programs » Safety Management

Strategies for loss control & workplace safety programs, safety incentives, etc.

True Cost of Accidents [23884] ?

Guidance on how much additional revenue you need to cover the hidden costs of accidents

Software » Calculators

Large variety of online calculators - finance, time/date, scientific measurement

Area Equivalents [6426] ?

Convert sq. meters, sq. inches, sq. feet, sq. yards, sq. rods, sq. chains, roods, acres, sq. miles

Baby Due Date Calculator [9942] ?

Online calculator determine's baby's approximate due date

Blood Alcohol Calculator [17955] ?

Calculate BAC percentage based on type of drinks consumed, percent alcohol, weight & hours consuming

Chinese Numbers [21727] ?

Converts a number into Chinese or shows the value of a Chinese number

Construction Convertors and Calculators [21725] ?

Useful calculators for construction professionals

Conversion Factors for Energy Equivalents [21728] ?

CODATA-recommended values of fundamental physical restraints

Energy/Work Equivalents [5301] ?

Convert joules, kg-meters, ft-lbs, kw-hrs, btu, liter-atm, k-cal, metric hp-hrs, US hp-hrs

Engineering Calculators for Engineers [22037] ?

Online calculators

Engineering Conversion Factors [21730] ?

Series of engineering calculators

Fluid Flow Hydraulic and Pneumatic Engineering and Design [16386] ?

Series of online engineering calculators and support materials

Gas Conversion Calculator [19264] ?

Convert a gas from one unit of measure to another

Job Estimators [25238] ?

Handy project calculators - tells you how many sq ft of flooring to purchase, etc.

Life Expectancy Calculator [15294] ?

Computes the additional life expectancy depending on gender and current age

Mass Equivalents [9176] ?

Convert kilograms, grains, troy ounces & pounds, short &, long tons, metric tons, avoirdupois ounces

Online Conversion [13319] ?

Calculators convert weights, measures and units conversion/calculation modules

SI - The Metrics International System of Units [21726] ?

Provides the conversion relationship between US customary units and SI International System units

U.S. Fluid or Liquid Equivalents [4516] ?

Convert minims, drams, ounces, gills, pints, quarts, gallons, barrels

Unit Conversion Calculator [19242] ?

Online metric converter

Velocity Equivalents [3239] ?

Convert cm/sec, m/sec, m/min, km/hr, ft/sec, ft/min, mi/hr, knots

Software » Clinical Calculators

Downloadable software for medical professionals

Online Clinical Calculators [22409] ?

A variety of health calculators

Software » Environmental Software

Download software for EPA safety & health programs, site-specific sampling

Energy Cost Calculators [8204] ?

Intended to be used at the facility evaluation & assessment stage of energy project development

Software » Ergonomics Software

Ergonomics-related software available for downloading on the internet

NIOSH Lifting Equation [24098] ?

Online calculator

Software » Financial Calculators

Online calculators for personal and business finance

CNN Calculators [657] ?

Series of financial calculators from CNN

Currency Converter [1438] ?

Obtain the exchange rates for the world's currency from January 1, 1990 to the present

Depreciation Calculator [34134] ?

Determine depreciation calculations for any fixed asset using a variety of depreciation methods

Fidelity Income Strategy Evaluator [40139] ?

Suggests which combination of products will best help you replace your paycheck in retirement

Financial Calculators [26247] ?

Mortgage, loan, tax, retirement savings, investment, auto, savings, personal finance, business calculators

Financial Programs [15372] ?

Online personal financial calculators

Inflation Calculator [2879] ?

Adjusts for inflation using the Consumer Price Index

Interactive Currency Table [1469] ?

Select a currency table in units of a specific monetary unit (e.g., American dollar)

Life Insurance Needs Calculator [6344] ?

Estimates the amount of life insurance coverage you need

Updated Mortgage Calculator [21778] ?

Calculate your monthly mortgage payment

Mortgage, Credit Card, Savings, Auto Leasing & Loan Calculators [532] ?

Online calculators require a browser that supports Java

Mutual Fund Cost Calculator [17517] ?

A Tool for Comparing Mutual Funds

Online Financial Calculators [8620] ?

Compound interest, present value, rate of return, annuity, bond yield, mortgage, retirement

Percent Change Calculator [9342] ?

On-line calculator determines the percent change between two numbers

Personal Finance Calculators [33541] ?

On-line calculators to help you solve some common financial questions

Personal Finance Calculators [14917] ?

Investing tools and more

Relative Value of a U.S. Dollar Amount - Five Ways to Compute [9336] ?

Adjusting costs from one year to another using the CPI, GDP, Unskilled Wage, GDP Per Capita and relative share of GDP

Senior Economic Checkup [40583] ?

Online financial calculator for seniors

Tax Calculators [2005] ?

Series of tax calculators

US Cost of Living Comparisons for 399 US Job Markets [9344] ?

A calculator to compare cost of living between 399 major US metro areas

US Living Wage Calculator [9343] ?

To estimate the cost of living in your community or region.

Software » HR Software

Software to assist with compliance to US Labor Laws

Employee Time Card Calculator [32676] ?

Online calculator

Software » OSHA Software

OSHA software to download

OSHA's Safety Pays Program Estimator [8677] ?

Online calculator analyzes the impact of workplace injuries and illnesses on profitability

Software » Safety Software

Download software related to workplace safety

Radioactive Decay Calculator [7857] ?

Online calculator provides assistance in calculating radioactive decay

Radioactivity Unit Calculator [16096] ?

Calculator assists with converting between radioactivity units

Statistics » Cost Estimating

Online models for estimating the cost of a project, building valuation data, etc

Cost Spreading Calculator [9335] ?

Used to spread the estimated cost of a program up to 8 years

Financial Converters and Calculators [9338] ?

A variety of online financial based calculators, conversion charts and converter programs

First Year Budget Worksheet [18501] ?

Determining Your Startup Budget

Learning Curve Calculator [9332] ?

Repetitive Learning Cost Model And Calculator

Statistics » Highway Safety Data

Statistics on highway safety, fatalities, blood alcohol levels, DUI costs, etc.

Updated Crash Calculator [25000] ?

Compare your's company's vehicle crash rates with national rates

Statistics » OSHA Statistics

OSHA injury and illness reports

Injury and Illness Incidence Rate Calculator and Comparison Tool [28157] ?

Compare your injury rates to other establishments, industries or national rates

Occupational Injuries and Illnesses - Industry Data [28158] ?

Industry Injury and Illness Data in the USA

Statistics » Statistical References

Statistical textbooks, lectures, calculators, tutorials and more

Data Analysis Resource Center [7777] ?

Articles, online books, calculators with an emphasis on biostatistics

Simple Interactive Statistical Analysis [9100] ?

Do statistical analysis directly on the internet

Statistics Calculators [4217] ?

A variety of online statistical calculators

Updated The Quality Control Calculators [7785] ?

Designed for laboratory quality control - series of three calculators

Statistics » WC Statistics

State workers comp agency statistical reports & analysis of worker claims

Workers Compensation Calculators [38822] ?

Help your management team understand your true Workers' Comp expense and how it impacts your bottom line

Wellness Programs » Consumer Health

Health and medical resources and libraries for the general public

Fitness Calculators [10128] ?

Online calculators compare your fitness level & health status to others your age & sex

Wellness Programs » Fitness

Guidelines on physical activity and health

Fitness Workouts [4846] ?

Get in shape - does not require equipment

Wellness Programs » Weight Control

Dietary guidelines for healthy diet and weight control

BMI Calculator [10129] ?

Online calculator calculates your body fat

Body Mass Index [16758] ?

Online calculator for body mass calculation

Nutrition Analysis Tool [11968] ?

A web based program that allows anyone to analyze the foods they eat for various different nutrients

Workers Compensation » WC Claims Management

Managing the costs of workers compensation claims

Updated Injury Cost Calculator [786] ?

Estimating and calculating the true cost of workplace injuries

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