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Full text of written policies and procedures - some currently in use.

Accident Analysis » Accident Investigation

Accident investigation programs, job safey analyses, etc.

Construction Safety » Contractor Fleet Safety

Fleet hazards and recommended controls related to various industries

Landscapers: How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Hauling [5064] ?

A simple routine can prevent major mishaps

Emergency Management » Emergency Plans

Examples of emergency management and action plans

Business Continuity Planning Documents [2498] ?

MIT's business continuity planning documents for use in the event of a disaster

Emergency Management Plan for Community Health Centers [pdf] [2798] ?

Full text of an emergency management plan

School Emergency Preparedness Plan & Forms [8864] ?

Model program can be adapted to the needs of your site

Emergency Management » Evacuations

Guidelines on emergency evacuation programs, fire drills, etc.

Emergency Evacuation Plan Template [24291] ?

Text of a template for emergency evacuations

Equipment Safety » Lockout/Tagout

Equipment electrical safety, lockout/tagout programs, preventing electrical shoc

Lockout/Tagout Safety Clearance Procedure [pdf] [35168] ?

For authorizing those who may be permitted to lock out and tag out electrically-energized equipment

Equipment Safety » Welding Safety

Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Hot Work Safety Requirements [pdf] [36010] ?

Includes a sample hot work permit policy and a safety checklist

Fire Safety » Building Design

Building design & architectural elements related to safety, maintenance, etc

Updated Summary of the Corridor Utilization Policy [pdf] [3758] ?

Text of a policy regarding storage in corridors

Fire Safety » Electrical Safety

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Extension Cord Safety Policy [pdf] [35167] ?

If not properly used can be the cause of electrical shock, equipment damage and fire hazards

Fire Safety » Fire Programs

Full text fire safety programs, checklists and support materials

School Fire & Life Safety Guidelines [8865] ?

Requirements for Illinois schools

Fleet Safety » Driver Distractions

Safety conditions causing drivers to become distracted

Distracted Driving - Sample Employer Policy [38489] ?

A sample policy, press release and memo to employees

Sample Cell Phone Safety Policy [pdf] [36397] ?

A fill in the blank sample safety policy

Fleet Safety » Driver Drug Testing

Guidance on DOT requirements for mandatory commercial driver drug testing

Alcohol and Drug Abuse Policy [25004] ?

The following is a sample company alcohol and drug abuse policy

Fleet Safety » Driver MVR

Guidance on driver selection criteria, what to look for in an MVR

Driver's License Monitoring [8430] ?

Full text of a university's driver's license monitoring procedures

Standards for Authorized Drivers [pdf] [19369] ?

Full text of a policy that outlines acceptable driving records for drivers

Fleet Safety » Fleet Policies

Sample fleet-related company policies - vehicle use, drivers, seat belts, etc.

Accident Risk Assessment of Personnel [19001] ?

Point system used by the US military in evaluating a person's risk in having a vehicle accident

Business Use of Employee's Autos [2037] ?

An insurance perspective

Updated Driver Authorization and Vehicle Use [3252] ?

Example of a vehicle program's policy for employee use of company vehicles, MVR reviews, etc.

Driver Safety and Motor Vehicle Use Policy [pdf] [2530] ?

Text of a university's policy regarding vehicle use and drivers

Fleet Policies and Procedures [3255] ?

Policies regarding employees driving pool and personal vehicles

Fleet Safety Program Sample [pdf] [24521] ?

Example of a fleet safety program

Fleet Services Policy Manual [22991] ?

Full text of an actual manual in use

Motor Vehicle Management Manual [12586] ?

Full text of the fleet safety and management program for the Federal Highway Administration

Motor Vehicle Safety Policy [22588] ?

A sample policy

Sample Seat Belt Policy [25007] ?

Fill-in-the blank policy statement for seat belt use

State Fleet Safety Program [pdf] [24719] ?

Text of a fleet safety program used by the State of South Carolina for their state agencies

Vehicle Driving Information [14513] ?

An example of fleet policies and procedures in use at a major university

Vehicle Incident Prevention Program [11771] ?

Parameters for drivers, MVRs, training triggers, accident review process and more

Vehicle Usage Procedures & Guidelines [27275] ?

Examples of forms and procedures used at a major university

Fleet Safety » Vehicle Safety Programs

Articles, topics and tips related to fleet safety programs

Driver Safety Rules [pdf] [27999] ?

Includes yard safety, dock safety, vehicle safety and more

Fleet Management Safety Program [pdf] [5885] ?

Steps to creating a fleet safety program

Food Safety » HACCP

Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) Plans - food safety

HACCP - Restaurants [14334] ?

Sample plans, Standard Operating Procedures, etc

Health Care Safety » Malpractice

Medical malpractice, risk management in medicine, insurance, etc.

Patient Abandonment [16448] ?

Is it legal for a physician to abandon a patient

Health Care Safety » Needlestick Injuries

Needlestick injury prevention, legislation, safety devices

Sharps Safety Toolkit [36003] ?

To prevent and reduce the incidence of sharps injuries

Insurance Loss Control » Hold Harmless

Hold harmless agreements

Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreements [3254] ?

Example of a university's policy on hold harmless and indemnity agreements

Insurance Loss Control » Liability Insurance

Real estate liability, slip & fall exposures, non-profts, volunteers, , etc.

Aircraft & Pilot Standards [pdf] [15782] ?

A policy manual in use by state agencies in Oregon

Insurance Loss Control » Property Insurance

Property insurance and risk management

Property Self-Insurance Policy Manual [pdf] [15787] ?

A risk management policy in use by state agencies in Oregon

Insurance Loss Control » Public Liability

Public visitor liability, dog bites, premises security liability

Facilities Use Guidelines [pdf] [17673] ?

Sample procedure in use by a state agency

Insurance Loss Control » Risk Control Programs

Full text of risk management policy and procedure manuals

OR-Oregon Self-Insurance Policies [11780] ?

Policy manuals used by the state of Oregon for their state agencies

Insurance Loss Control » Risk Management Dept

Home pages of risk management departments

UT-Utah Division of Risk Management [11182] ?

Home page of the risk management division for state government agencies in Utah

Internet » Internet Law

Case developments, articles, resources related to internet technology

Social Media Governance - Policies [38728] ?

Links to examples of actual corporate policies related to social media

Internet » Web Accessibility

Guidelines on making web page content accessible to the disabled

Updated America Online Accessibility Policy [18489] ?

Full text of the website accessibility policy posted by AOL

Occupational Medicine » Occupational Health

Large number of reference materials on occupational medicine

Bloodborne Pathogens - Occupational Exposure [pdf] [17063] ?

Providesguidance for BBP programs and medical surveillance

Physical Hazards » Violence in Workplace

Guidelines, statistics, resources for preventing violence in the workplace

Employee Conduct Sample Policy [26604] ?

Example regarding minimum standards of conduct among employees

Professional Development » Ethics

Business ethics and codes, samples, guidance to ethical decision making

Code of Ethics for Business [12009] ?

A series of articles on the topic

Company Code of Ethics [12010] ?

A series of guidance articles

Recreation Safety » Sports Safety

Sports injury prevention

Cheerleading Safety Guidelines [22392] ?

Full text of sample safety rules and policies for cheerleading

Recreation Safety » Swimming Safety

Pool and spa safety - drowning prevention

Lifeguard Manual [16588] ?

Full text of a sample lifeguard manual

Swimming Safely in Lakes, Rivers and Streams [pdf] [16589] ?

Safety advice for swimmers

Safety Programs » Safety Committees

Safety committees, safety teams, etc.

Updated Safety & Health Committee Manual [pdf] [11938] ?

Full text of a safety committee manual used by the National Institutes of Health

Safety Programs » Safety Programs

Full text of over 30 workplace safety and health programs & manuals

Safety Policy Example [27933] ?

Guidance on created a corporate safety policy statement that inclues a sample safety policy

Safety Policy Sample [pdf] [20141] ?

Contains the essential elements of a safety policy

Sample Workplace Safety Policy [20136] ?

A sample corporate safety policy statement

Safety Training » Environmental Training

Online EPA training modules, RCRA, Superfund, EPCRA

Facility Environmental Guide [pdf] [28001] ?

Policies, procedures and guidelines for facilities-related activities that affect human health or the environment

School Safety » School Safety Programs

Resources related to school safety & health hazards, sample safety progams

Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Schools [11369] ?

A Model Injury & Illness Prevention Program which can be adapted to the needs of the school

School Environmental Safety and Health [22619] ?

Environmental health program materials for schools

School Safety » School Violence

Guides for schools to prevent violence - checklists, sample policies

Blueprints for Violence Prevention [19163] ?

Ten model violence prevention programs

OR-Oregon School Violence Prevention [23501] ?

To assist schools in complying with state laws related to school violence prevention

Sample Model Policy Prohibiting Bullying in Schools [24331] ?

Model policy prohibiting harassment, intimidation, bullying on school property, at school events & on school buses

School Anti-Harassment Policy Guide [27331] ?

Includes sample school policies, protocols and checklists to protect students from harassment and hate crime

Security on Campus [10337] ?

Complying With The Clery Act and more

The Challenge: Creating Safe and Drug-Gree Schools [11376] ?

A guide for schools to prevent violence & drug use

Security » Access Control

Tactics, techniques, procedures for creating a security access-control system

Campus Access Control Policy [21563] ?

Example of a policy relating to access and key control

Security » Employee Theft

Employee dishonesty insurance and risk management

Updated Internal Controls [27938] ?

Prevention of fraud through effective internal controls

Security » Security Manuals

Full text of reference manuals for security program operations

Security Alarms System Policy [pdf] [19912] ?

Full text of a policy relating to security alarm systems

Specific Industries » Industry Loss Control

Risk management advice for specific industries

School Risk Management [19607] ?

Resources focused on school risk management

Wellness Programs » Drug Free Workplace

Workplace substance abuse programs, drug policies and more

Campus Alcohol & Substance Abuse Prevention Guidelines [2358] ?

To prevent substance abuse on campus

Drug and Alcohol Abuse Sample Corporate Policy [25010] ?

Fill-in-the-blank sample drug policy

Drug-Free Workplace Policy [8947] ?

Example of a university's drug-free workplace policy

Drug-Free Workplace Policy Builder [2379] ?

Developing a policy statement

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for Small Business [pdf] [23673] ?

Full text of a sample drug policy for small business

Drug-Free Workplace Policy for University Staff [21824] ?

Text of a university's drug free workplace policy

OH-Ohio Drug-Free Workforce Policy Kit [9798] ?

Kit with guidelines, sample policy, checklist, consent forms, etc.

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12383] ?

Example of a sample substance abuse program and guidance

Sample Substance Abuse Policy [pdf] [12217] ?

Example of an employer substance abuse policy

Substance Abuse Policy Model [19151] ?

Model policy you can adapt to your needs

US Air Force ADAPT Program [pdf] [13926] ?

Guidance for the identification, treatment and management of personnel with substance use disorders

Workers Compensation » WC Programs

Support materials for implementation of workers compensation programs

Workers Compensation Program [8311] ?

A university's workers compensation program

Workers Compensation » WC Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Injured Texas Worker Checklist [25906] ?

To be given to the injured employee regarding WC return to work

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