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  » Online Tutorials:
    » Business & Finance

Online tutorials and quizzes on understanding financials, business plans, insurance, legal requirements, risk management, etc.

Associations » International Safety

Resources concerned with workplace safety polices and issues internationally

Nuclear Energy Agency [3272] ?

Promotes development of nuclear energy as a safe, acceptable & economical energy sourc

Industry Standards » UPC Standards

Information about Universal Product Code Standards - NOT the text of the stds

How UPC Bar Codes Work [5474] ?

Tutorial on decoding UPC bar codes

Insurance Loss Control » EPL

Employers Professional Liability (EPL) insurance

Physician Litigation [514] ?

Closed claims studies

Insurance Loss Control » Managing Risk

Concepts, issues, principles, and theories of risk management

Updated An Evaluation Primer on Health Risk Communication Programs and Outcomes [3010] ?

Primer for the principles and techniques of evaluating and communicating health risks

Insurance Loss Control » P-C Insurance

Commercial property and casualty insurance industry issues

Insurance News by Topic [26799] ?

Articles related to insurance and the insurance industry

Professional Development » Presentation Skills

Speaking presentation tips, tutorials and support materials

Presentation Skills Tutorials [8543] ?

Online training on the key components of an effective presentation

Respiratory Safety » Ventilation Safety

Fume hoods and other ventilation technical resource information

Updated ASHRAE's Ventilation Rate Calculation Procedure [13604] ?

An overview ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 62.1 2016, Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality

Workers Compensation » WC Rating Bureaus

State ratemaking

NCCI - WC Residual MarketsTraining [16753] ?

Webinars explain workers compensation residual markets

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