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Online training modules on individual safety hazards such as electrical, trenching, etc.

Agriculture Safety » Ag Safety Materials

Agriculture safety bulletins, training materials, and other technical resources

On-Farm Food Safety Questionnaire [9453] ?

On-farm food safety practices questions to ask when purchasing fresh produce directly from farms

Agriculture Safety » Farm Machinery Safety

Farm equipment safety, tractor safety, ROPS, baler safety, etc.

Updated Lawn Mower Safety [11441] ?

Safety tips

Tractors - Hazard Alerts [20493] ?

Useful for safety training purposes

Aviation Safety » Airport Safety

Safety hazards and controls in aviation

Aviation Accident Prevention [14121] ?

Safety training materials

Biological Safety » Bloodborne Pathogens

Sample bloodborne pathogen plans, BBP program controls and policies, reference m

Updated Bloodborne Pathogen Training [24921] ?

Training module and support materials on BBP

Bloodborne Pathogens Reference and Training Manual [5457] ?

Workers tutorial with test and training forms on bloodborne pathogens

Bloodborne Pathogens Refresher [11598] ?

Instructor guide for BBP

Chemical Safety » Hazcom

Full text of hazard communication programs and resources

Updated Hazard Communication Program Tutorial [4708] ?

Online tutorial covers the basics of hazard communication requirements in the State of Oregon

Chemical Safety » Hazmat

Hazardous waste and spill containment emergency response - hazmat teams

Transport Dangerous Goods Primer [14071] ?

Description of Canada's Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, 1992

Construction Safety » Jobsite Safety

Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Construction Safety for the Home Building Industry [2793] ?

Guidance on building a model safety program for home building

Construction-related Hazard Alerts [20494] ?

Can be used for training for workers employing real-life safety situations

Electrical Safety for Electrical Trades [26321] ?

Student manual in recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards associated with electrical work

Disaster Safety » Winter Safety

Extreme cold and ice storm disaster safety, winter storm preparation

Prevention of Cold Weather Injuries [pdf] [19006] ?

US military directive on cold weather survival

Equipment Safety » Cranes-Hoists

Crane and hoist safety program materials

How a Block and Tackle Works [5468] ?

Explains the physics of block and tackle

Sling Safety Tutorial [32557] ?

Online slide presentation module describes the proper selection, maintenance, and use of slings

Equipment Safety » Forklift Safety

Forklift safety program materials

Forklift Operation & Safety Training [12724] ?

Online tutorial on forklift safety

Forklift Training [20637] ?

Tutorial on the safe use of forklifts

Forklifts and other Powered Industrial Trucks Training Presentation [16341] ?

Online training presentation for forklift safety

Powered Industrial Trucks Operator Training FAQ [17947] ?

Answers to common questions related to forklift training requirements

Equipment Safety » Lockout/Tagout

Equipment electrical safety, lockout/tagout programs, preventing electrical shoc

LOTO Tutorial [9687] ?

Designed to assist with compliance to OSHA standard 1910.147

Equipment Safety » Machine Guarding

Machine safeguarding materials

Machine Guarding Tutorial [32554] ?

Online slide presentation module is based on CFR 1910 Subpart O

Machine Safeguarding Tutorial [32553] ?

Online slide presentation covers general machine guarding safety requirements

Equipment Safety » OSHA Electrical

OSHA technical resources on electrical, including lock-out/tag-out

Controlling Electrical Hazards [957] ?

OSHA materials on electrical hazard controls

Lockout-Tagout Interactive Training Program [11884] ?

Tutorial with interactive case studies on LOTO

Equipment Safety » Welding Safety

Bulletins, guidance on safety in welding

Welding, Cutting, Brazing Tutorial [32550] ?

Online slide presentation covers general safety requirements when welding

Ergonomics » Lifting Hazards

Guidance on how to control manual handling hazards in the workplace

Back Safety Course [12726] ?

Online tutorial on back safety

Fire Safety » Electrical Safety

Lock Out/Tag Out Programs and technical reference materials on electrical safety

Electrical Safety Design Tutorial [32544] ?

Online slide presentation covers hazards from electrical system parts that an employee could make contact with

Electrical Safety Manual [11604] ?

Chapter of a safety manual related to electrical safety

Electrical Work Practices Tutorial [32545] ?

This module is based on 29 CFR 1910 Subpart S and covers electrical work requirements designed to minimize hazards

Fire Safety » Flammables

Controlling the hazards from flammable and combustible liquids and gases

Flammable and Combustible Liquids Tutorial [32540] ?

Critical components of the hazards associated with flammable and combustible liquids - online slide presentation

Hazardous Classified Locations Tutorial [32541] ?

Electrical hazards associated with flammable and combustible liquids - online slide presentation

Spray Finishing Tutorial [32539] ?

Critical components of spray paint booth safety - online slide presentation

Laboratory Safety » Lab Training

Tutorials and training materials related to laboratory safety

Magnet Cell Laboratory - Visitor Safety [pdf] [26735] ?

Visitor and contractor security safety

Magnetic Field Laboratory Safety [26734] ?

Safety procedures

Updated Personal Protective Equipment in the Laboratory [11440] ?

Information for lab workers

Spill Response for Laboratory Personnel [26733] ?

Example of general spill procedures to be followed by lab personnel

Marine Safety » Boating Safety

Resources on boating and marine safety

Boating Basics Safety Course [2607] ?

Full text of online course on boating safety approved by NASBLA

Physical Hazards » Slips and Falls

Technical safety materials on falls from walking and working surfaces

United Kingdom: Preventing Slips and Trips in the Workplace [9452] ?

Safety module on increasing safety awareness in the area of slips and falls

PPE Programs » PPE Safety Programs

Sample PPE safety programs, checklists, tutorials, technical briefs

Updated Personal Protective Equipment Program Tutorial [3881] ?

Online tutorial covers the basics of PPE

Respiratory Safety » Respiratory Protection

Respirator fit, full text of respiratory programs, etc.

N95 Respirator Training [pdf] [18358] ?

A training guide

Safety Training » Fleet Training

Study guide for student drivers, driving tests, model curriculum

Snowfighters Handbook [12182] ?

Best practices of winter maintenance for salting highways

Safety Training » Safety Orientation

Safety orientation for new hires

Safety Orientation - Excavation Workers [35968] ?

Steps to safer digging - video

Safety Training » Safety Training

Guidance on safety training presentations, training requirements, etc.

Confined Space Entry Tutorial [pdf] [7831] ?

Is it safe to enter a confied space?

Hazardous Materials Transport Safety Training Modules [11991] ?

Tutorials and background materials for safety training related to hazmat transport

Lesson Plans & Other Documents [2067] ?

Download lessons plans and other training materials in Microsoft Word format

Mining Safety Training Games [2065] ?

Games developed to aid in mine safety training

Online Safety Training Tutorials [3203] ?

Safety basics

OSHA Training [11185] ?

Training courses online

Safety and Health Online Training [11406] ?

Online tutorials for basic OSHA training in hazcomm, PPE, forklift safety, back safety, etc.

Safety Training Modules [17366] ?

Online safety training modules for workers

Updated Safety Training Workshops [15483] ?

Workbooks, instructor guides for safety trainers

Software » OSHA Software

OSHA software to download

OSHA eTools [16438] ?

The following downloads are available: eTools and eCATs for training purposes

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