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Online training modules for understanding statistics such as introductory probability and statistics, safety trending, what statistical test to use, etc.

Ergonomics » Ergo Hazards

Full text of a design guide, an ergonomics manual, lecture notes and more

CUErgo Statistics Helper [6308] ?

Helps you decide an appropriate statistical test for your design

Statistics » Safety Statistics

Government and industry sources of statistical data on workplace safety

How to Calculate Accident Injury Rates [469] ?

Primer for trending occupational illness and injuries, occurrence reports, performance indicators

Statistics » Statistical References

Statistical textbooks, lectures, calculators, tutorials and more

HyperStat Online [4220] ?

Online general statistics textbook

Introductory Statistics [2903] ?

Online access to college textbook on introductory statistics - over 40 chapters

Updated Medical Biostatistics [1703] ?

A textbook

Online Statistics [7780] ?

Introductory level hypertext statistics book - entire text online

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