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GCat: Industry Safety
MCat: Specific Industries

Industry-specific safety materials for the workplace related to OSHA, environmental safety, risk management, etc. Office safety. Railroad safety.

Cleaning Industry

Safety materials for workers in the cleaning industry. Janitorial safety. Window cleaning safety. Drycleaning safety.

Environment Sector Risk

Examples of environmental industry requirements: agriculture, automotive services, chemical processes, electronics, food & kindred products, printing, real estate, textiles, transportation, wood & paper products. Model Risk Management Program Plans by Industry Sector.

Industry Loss Control

Risk management resource materials for specific industries such as schools, auto dealers, auto repairs, churches, small business, etc.

Industry Safety

Safety and health hazards for specific industries, such as: schools, drycleaners, dental, agricultural, firefighter, healthcare, mining, petroleum refining, photography, poultry processing, pulp and paper, semiconductor industry, silk screen printing, water and wastewater treatment plants, woodworking.

Office Safety

Office safety training materials - programs, checklists, handouts, safety talks, etc.

OSHA Industry Safety

Examples of industries: nursing homes, healthcare facilities, meat packing, maritime, textiles, logging.

Petrochemical Safety

Worker safety & health and environmental safety resources related to the petrochemical/refinery industries

Public Sector Safety

Occupational safety and health materials for public sector workplaces, including: state, county and municipal government agencies and departments

Railroad Safety

Federal Railroad Administration regulations, safety bulletins, etc. Principles of light rail system safety. Highway-Rail Grade Crossing safety materials.

Shop Safety

Shop safety hazards, controls and safety program materials - wood shops, machine shops, farm shops, vehicle repair shops, etc

Tower Industry Safety

Safety and risk management materials related to communication towers. Wind energy industry safety hazards. Wind farm construction safety.

Warehouse Safety

Resources on loading dock safety, warehouse fire loss prevention, and other safety hazards and controls related to loading docks and to warehouses.

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