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Safety and health hazards for specific industries, such as: schools, drycleaners, dental, agricultural, firefighter, healthcare, mining, petroleum refining, photography, poultry processing, pulp and paper, semiconductor industry, silk screen printing, water and wastewater treatment plants, woodworking.

45 Resources
Australia: Building Construction Safety [18599] ?

Common health and safety issues that are significant within the Construction industry

Automobile Dealers Loss Prevention Program Guide [pdf] [1555] ?

Includes a self-inspection checklist

Bakery Operation Safety [29058] ?

Safety advice specific to the bakery industry

Canada: Guidelines for Tanning Salon Owners & Operators [11703] ?

Provides guidance on safety requirements

College IIPP Manual [18924] ?

Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) Manual for a College

Collision Repair - Paint Healthy [23639] ?

Safety information for painters

Commercial Fishing Industry Safety [14455] ?

Recommendations for safety in commercial fishing in the USA industry

Funeral Homes & OSHA [20360] ?

Review of OSHA regulations that affect funeral homes

Updated Industry Safety Fact Sheets [40801] ?

Safety fact sheets, a collection of tipsheets, OSHA tutorials, regulations and more

Industry Specific Safety Checklists [22600] ?

Safety guidance for specific industries

Industry Specific Safety Library [37737] ?

Safety bulletins with content geared specifically by type of business

International Hazard Datasheets on Occupations [9541] ?

Each lists different hazards to which a worker may be exposed in the normal course of work

Millwright Safety and Health Hazards [36767] ?

A listing of safety hazards for the millwright industry

Mining Safety & Health [12957] ?

NIOSH publications on mining safety and health

Updated Mining Safety and Health Hazard Information [1920] ?

Technical bulletins and fact sheets on mining hazards

Mining: Underground Stone Mines [26227] ?

Ground fall injuries in underground stone mines

Mobile Home Industry Work Hazards [pdf] [26011] ?

Examines working conditions in the mobile home manufacturing industry

Nail Salon Safety [20359] ?

Steps to a Safe Nail Salon

NIOSH Industry Safety [40745] ?

Safety and health guidance by industry from NIOSH

Painting Operations Safety Rules [18402] ?

General safety rules

Pollution Prevention by Industry [26879] ?

Industry-specific pollution prevention guidance

Postal Employees Guide to Safety [pdf] [18419] ?

Safety rules for postal employees

Public Events Safety Regulations [24904] ?

Example of a safety policy related to public events, decorations, floats, etc.

Railroad Cars and Equipment [18739] ?

Descriptions & photos of rail equipment

Recycled Paper Industry Safety [pdf] [25782] ?

United Kingdom study provides guidance on safety related to recycling paper (pdf)

Retail Industry Health & Safety [20697] ?

Health and safety tips for retail workers

Retailers and Crowd Management Safety [pdf] [36281] ?

Reducing crowd-related injuries druing special retail sales and promotional events

Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry [280] ?

Hazard review of the rubber products manufacturing industry

Scrap Metal Recycling Facility Metals Exposures [pdf] [27695] ?

For workers cutting scrap metal with oxygen and propane torches

Screen Printing Ink Safety [18875] ?

A guide to graphics ink safety

Traumatic Occupational Injuries [20911] ?

Acute trauma at work in the USA

United Kingdom: Ceramics Industry Hazards at Work [20347] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom ceramics industry on personal protective equipment, etc

United Kingdom: Docks Industry Hazards at Work [669] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom docks industry for safety advice in ports and in dock work

United Kingdom: Hotel Safety [pdf] [23888] ?

A list of potential worker safety hazards

United Kingdom: Offshore Hazards at Work [20354] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers - helicopter travel, safety zones, etc.

United Kingdom: Paper & Board Industry [20345] ?

Series of safety fact sheets for the paper and board industry

United Kingdom: Plastics Industry Hazards at Work [17314] ?

Safety information sheets cover the hazards of working in the plastics industry

United Kingdom: Printing Hazards at Work [20355] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom employers - series of safety fact sheets

United Kingdom: Retail Safety [23887] ?

Here are general pointers to increase safety in a retail store

United Kingdom: Rubber Industry Dust and Fume Control [20349] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom rubber industry on personal protective equipment, etc

United Kingdom: Textiles Hazards at Work [20350] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom textile industry on dyes, manual handling, etc

United Kingdom: Woodworking Industry Hazards at Work [20351] ?

Advice created for United Kingdom woodworking industry on dusts, machinery, noise etc

Western Australia: Industry Based Information [13431] ?

Safety information relevant to specific industries

Wood Products Industry Safety [27802] ?

Safety and health information related to logging, sawmills, woodworking, etc.

Woodworking Hazards 101 [26012] ?

Quizzes and videos

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Agriculture Safety / Ag Safety Materials
Agriculture safety bulletins, training materials, and other technical resources

Construction Safety / Contractor Fleet Safety
Fleet hazards and recommended controls related to various industries

Construction Safety / Jobsite Safety
Workplace safety and health resources for construction hazards

Construction Safety / OSHA Construction
OSHA technical resources on construction

Fleet Safety / Trucking Safety
Safety and the trucking industry

Food Safety / Restaurants
Safety talks and information for restaurants and food operations

Health Care Safety / Patient Handling
Patient transfer techniques, use of lift equipment, patient transfer teams

Laboratory Safety / Lab Hazards
Chemical Hygiene Plans, standard operating procedures, lab safety programs, etc.

Recreation Safety / Art Safety
Health and safety for art classes, theaters, schools, and entertainment industry

Recreation Safety / Ride Safety Laws
Access to state agencies and their laws and regulations related to amusement rid

Specific Industries / Environment Sector Risk
Environmental law requirements for specific industries

Specific Industries / Industry Loss Control
Risk management advice for specific industries

Specific Industries / OSHA Industry Safety
OSHA's technical resources for various industries

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