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GCat: Disasters
MCat: Terrorism

Homeland security, civil defense, domestic preparedness, counterterrorism, computer disaster recovery, radiological emergency response, etc.


Tips for protecting property against terrorists. Reduce the risk of being a victim of terrorism. Profiles of counterterrorist units, information on weapons, equipment and more. Reports on international terrorism. Information on over 100 terrorist groups. Counter-terrorism efforts of the EPA. USA government resources related to counter-terrorism.


Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism. Industrial chemcials and terrorism. Hazardous Material Guide for First Responders.

Bomb Threats

Bomb threat prevention and physical security planning. Containing the threat from illegal bombings. Vehicle bomb explosion hazards.

Mail Security

Bioterrorism and mail hazards - anthrax, etc. How to identify suspicious mailings in letters and packages including mail bomb warning indicators

Terrorism Insurance

The effects of the WTC bombings on the insurance industry

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