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Counter-terrorist activities

Terrorist Groups [11511] ?

As designated by the US Dept of State

UN Actions to Counter Terrorism [11508] ?

United Nations global counter-terrorism strategy


Chemical and biological weapons, bioterrorism

Updated Bioterrorism Agents Categories [20270] ?

Category A Diseases/Agents, Category B Diseases/Agents, Category C Diseases/Agents

Updated Bioterrorism Emergency Preparation Procedures [20197] ?

Preparation and Planning for Bioterrorism Emergencies

Updated BioTerrorism Preparedness & Response [15039] ?

Source for bioterrorism information

Updated CDC Smallpox Response Plan and Guidelines [22639] ?

In-depth information and resources

Mail Security

Bioterrorism and mail hazards - mail bomb warning indicators

Updated How to Handle Anthrax and Other Biological Agent Threats [20198] ?

How to handle anthrax threat letters

Mail Center Design Guide [16765] ?

All relevant security guidelines

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