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Bureau of International Labor Affairs - ILAB [9639] ?

Carries out the Department of Labor's international responsibilities

Department of Labor [1844] ?

Federal department responsible for promulgating and enforcing labor regulations in the US

Department of Labor Agencies [1847] ?

The agencies within the United States Department of Labor

Division of Longshore and Harbor Workers Compensation [1968] ?

US Department of Labor agency responsible for enforcement of Longshore & Harbor WC Act

Employee Benefits Security Administration [1810] ?

US Department of Labor's agency to protect pensions, health plans and benefits for Americans

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission [1839] ?

US agency that promotes equality of opportunity by prohibiting discrimination in the workplace

Federal Labor Relations Authority [9627] ?

Policies and guidance relating to Federal sector labor-management relations

Federal Labor Relations Authority [1492] ?

Appointed by the president to promote labor-management partnerships in the Federal service

Merit Systems Protection Board [1495] ?

Rule on federal employee appeals on labor issues - removals, demotions, long suspensions, etc.

Mine Safety and Health Administration [259] ?

Promulgates US regulations to prevent mining accidents

National Labor Relations Board [2018] ?

Independent agency that enforces the National Labor Relations Act

National Mediation Board [30801] ?

Responsible for collective bargaining in the airline and railroad industries

Occupational Safety & Health Administration [1088] ?

Promulgates and enforces US occupational safety and health standards

Office of Compliance [470] ?

Responsible for enforcing labor laws for legislative employees of the US government

Office of Workers Compensation Programs [2665] ?

OWCP administers four major disability compensation programs

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation [1794] ?

PBGC was established by ERISA to protect retirement incomes of American workers

Social Security Administration [1822] ?

US government agency responsible for administering social security laws

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