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Technical resources for compliance with OSHA recordkeeping requirements. Summary of the OSHA proposal for changes in the recordkeeping requirements.

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CA-California & Federal Recordkeeping Standards [1611] ?

Major Differences between Cal/OSHA & Fed/OSHA Regulations

Cal/OSHA Forms 300, 300A, 301 [8134] ?

Download the injury and illness forms

Exemption from OSHA Recordkeeping Due to Size [23047] ?

Partial exemption for employers with 10 or fewer employees

Federal Employee Occupational Safety and Health Programs Recordkeeping [26682] ?

The occupational injury and illness recording and reporting requirements applicable to Federal agencies

Frequently Asked Questions for OSHA's Recordkeeping Rules [3863] ?

Answers to common questions about OSHA's recordkeeping requirements

HI-Hawaii Recordkeeping [24092] ?

Employer HIOSH Recordkeeping materials

MI-Michigan MIOSHA Recording and Reporting Requirements [3937] ?

How to complete MIOSHA forms 300, 300A and 301

MN-Minnesota OSHA Recordkeeping [35294] ?

Forms and guidance from the state of Minnesota

OR-Oregon Calculating Incidence Rates [pdf] [24091] ?

Instructions for calculating individual firm incidence rates in Oregon

OR-OSHA Recordkeeping [7915] ?

Everything you need for OSHA recordkeeping in the State of Oregon

OSHA Audit and Verification Program of Occupational Injury and Illness Records [28932] ?

Audit procedures to verify the accuracy of the data employers submit as part of the OSHA Data Initiative (ODI)

OSHA Decision Tree for Recording Work-Related Inuries and Illnesses [32588] ?

How to decide whether a particular injury or illness is recordable

OSHA Proposed Improvements to Tracking of Injuries and Illnesses [40541] ?

Mockup of Proposed Web-Based Mechanism for OSHA's Injury/Illness Data Collection

OSHA Recordkeeping - Partially Exempt Industries [32587] ?

A list of employers that are not required to keep OSHA injury and illness records

OSHA Recordkeeping Form and Instructions [pdf] [22595] ?

Answers to common questions regarding requirements to record hearing loss

OSHA Recordkeeping National Emphasis Program [pdf] [36268] ?

OSHA's response to the GAO report on under-reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses

OSHA Recordkeeping Regulatory Text [26850] ?

Text of the regulations related to OSHA recordkeeping requirements

OSHA Recordkeeping Related to Hearing Loss [25359] ?

Clarifications on some issues related to the recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss

OSHA Recordkeeping Training [35966] ?

Training and reference materials for OSHA's recordkeeping standard

OSHA Records - Improving the Accuracy of Worker Injury and Illness Data [36267] ?

GAO report on under-reporting of workplace injuries and illnesses

OSHA Reporting Requirements [3128] ?

Fact sheet from LabSafety outlines OSHA's accident reporting requirements

OSHA's National Emphasis Program on Recordkeeping [pdf] [8686] ?

Effective date: 02/19/2010

Part 1904 Recording and Reporting Occupational Injuries and Illness [23039] ?

Portion of the OSHA standards that outline the recordkeeping and reporting requirements

Partially Exempt Industries [39240] ?

A listing by SIC code of industries partially exempt from OSHA record keeping requirements

Partially Exempt Industries - 1904 Subpart B App A [23038] ?

List of SIC codes and industry description of employers not required to keep OSHA accident logs

Privacy Concern Cases & OSHA Accident & Illness Reporting [23041] ?

Requires the employer to protect the privacy of the injured or ill employee in certain instances

Recording Criteria: Hearing Loss [23043] ?

Recording criteria for cases involving occupational hearing loss

Recording Criteria: Needlesticks [23045] ?

Recording criteria for needlestick and sharps injuries

Recording Criteria: OSHA Logs & Lost Work [23046] ?

How to count days away from work, the 180 day maximum, etc

Recording Criteria: TB [23044] ?

Recording criteria for work-related tuberculosis cases

Recording Hearing Loss Final Rule - 67:44037-44048 [22285] ?

Hearing loss recording provisions of the Occupational Injury and Illness Recording and Reporting Requirements

Recordkeeping [1759] ?

OSHA Rules On Record Keeping For Workplace Injuries

Recordkeeping Data for Steel Vessels and Low Pressure Storage Tanks [5916] ?

OSHA recordkeeping requirements for pressure vessels

Recordkeeping Training Presentations [17466] ?

22 slide Microsoft PowerPoint training presentation

Reporting Fatality, Injury and Illness Information to OSHA [23042] ?

Requirements for reporting fatalities and multiple hospitalization incidents to OSHA

STS Recording [27259] ?

Discussion of OSHA criteria for recording a hearing loss on the OSHA 300 log

What is First Aid? [21589] ?

Recognizing the new medical treatment recording criteria

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