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OSHA technical resources to assist with instituting safety and health programs. Basic elements for a safety & health program - voluntary guidelines. OSHA technical resources related to motor vehicle safety.

55 Resources
Accident Investigation [4236] ?

Technical resources related to OSHA accident investigation requirements

AK-Alaska: OSH Manager's Handbook [15499] ?

Guidance on how to implement a safety and health program - includes a checklist & sample outline

Updated AL-Alabama Model Safety and Health Programs [1929] ?

Series of workplace safety programs

AR-Arkansas Basic Safety & Health Programs [1860] ?

Full text of a sample safety program with safety rules

CA-California Injury & Illness Prevention Model Program [1229] ?

California sample safety program etool

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for High Hazard Employers [1576] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for High Hazard Employers

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for Intermittent Employers [1577] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Intermittent Employers

CAL-OSHA Model Program - Prevention Program for Non-High Hazard Employers [1578] ?

Full text of CAL/OSHA's Injury & Illness Prevention Program for Non_High Hazard Employers

Canada: Sample Safety Program Materials [12382] ?

Sample programs, posters, construction safety materials and more

CO-Colorado: Workers Compensation Loss Prevention and Loss Control Program Manual [11149] ?

Guidance and full text of a loss control program for WC - includes sample safety rules

CT-Connecticut OSHA Sample Programs [15232] ?

Fill in the blank sample safety programs

Draft Proposed Safety and Health Program Rule 29 CFR 1900.1 [5858] ?

This proposed rule was withdrawn but provides useful guidelines

GA-Georgia Sample Written Safety Programs [25041] ?

A series of sample workplace safety programs

General Safety & Health References [5583] ?

Lists of reference materials, books, journals, etc.

HI-Hawaii OSHA: Sample Safety and Health Program [pdf] [15514] ?

A guide to assist in complying with HIOSH Occupational Safety and Health Regulations

ID-Idaho Sample Construction Safety Programs [27535] ?

A series of safety programs for construction - scaffolding, trenching, forklifts, LOTO, ladder safety, hazcomm, etc

ID-Idaho Sample Programs for General Industry and Construction [40161] ?

Sample written programs and support materials

IL-Illinois Sample Written Safety Programs [23108] ?

Also includes a variety of safety checklists and other safety materials

IN-Indiana Safety Programs [23127] ?

Sample written programs

LA-Louisiana Loss Prevention Manual & Materials [6240] ?

Loss prevention program materials for safety and health conditions in the workplace

LA-Louisiana Workplace Safety Requirements [pdf] [39665] ?

Guidelines for implementation of a working and operational safety plan as required by the State

ME-Maine Sample Safety Programs [25125] ?

Sample programs for some of the most commonly needed programs

MN-Minnesota AWAIR [pdf] [15292] ?

A Workplace Accident and Injury Reduction Program (AWAIR) Minnesota safety program requirements

MO-Missouri Sample OSHA Standard Specific Programs [24272] ?

Confined space, fire prevention, hearing conservation, LOTO, PPE and other sample programs

MT-Montana: Sample Programs and Checklists [15307] ?

Over 100 documents on safety programs

NC-North Carolina Industry Guide Series [23134] ?

Guides to assist employers with OSHA requirements

NC-North Carolina Sample Safety Programs [29337] ?

A series of sample safety programs related to construction and to general industry

ND-North Dakota: Sample Safe Operating Procedures [23210] ?

Text of numerous safety SOPs

NE-Nebraska Sample Safety Programs [25056] ?

Downloadable Guideline-Example Written Safety & Health Programs

NE-Nebraska Workplace Safety Consultation Law [pdf] [19949] ?

Full text of the workplace safety program requirements in Nebraska

NH-New Hampshire Guide for Developing a Written Safety Program [pdf] [17232] ?

Guide is provided to assist employers in developing their own safety program

NJ-New Jersey: Public Employees Occupational Safety and Health Program [6628] ?

Guidelines and model programs from the state of New Jersey

NM-New Mexico Sample Written Safety Programs [40204] ?

A series of templates created by New Mexico OSHA

NV-Nevada Safety Program Guide [29340] ?

Employers with 11 or more workers must have a workplace safety program

NY-New York Code Rule 59 Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention Program [22603] ?

Code 59 requirements for New York employers

OH-Ohio Sample OSHA Programs [19379] ?

These sample programs are provided as a guide to help develop individual programs

OK-Oklahoma Public Employee Occupational Safety & Health [pdf] [23135] ?

Sample written safety programs and materials

OK-Oklahoma Safety Coordinator Duties [pdf] [35753] ?

Every employer with 25 or more employees must appoint a safety coordinator

OK-Oklahoma Worker Safety Health Programs - Samples [2154] ?

Download a series of safety programs

OR-Oregon OSHA Publications [12691] ?

Download a series of publications related to safety management

OR-Oregon Safety & Health Program Evaluation Form [pdf] [3450] ?

Evaluation tool to assist with Oregon safety program requirements

OSHA Consultation Directory [1928] ?

State by state directory of voluntary OSHA consultation services for small businesses

OSHA Pocket Guide to Safe Work Practices [pdf] [40249] ?

Basic safe work practice rules

OSHA Sample Programs - BBP & Hazcom [pdf] [33610] ?

Model plans and programs for the OSHA bloodborne pathogens and hazard communications standards

OSHA Small Business Handbook [pdf] [27022] ?

Covers a wide variety of workplace safety program topics including self-inspections

Safety & Health Management Systems eTool [13907] ?

Helps you review and evaluate key aspects of your Safety and Health Program

Safety & Health Program Management Guidelines [1384] ?

Basic elements for a safety & health program - voluntary guidelines

SC-South Carolina OSHA Sample Written Plans [36403] ?

For hazcom, LOTO, BBP and respiratory protection

The OSHA Safety and Health Program [3379] ?

Full text of the safety program used for OSHA employees

TX-Texas Safety and Health Library [20622] ?

Workplace safety publications that can be used for training and implementing safety programs

TX-Texas Sample OSHA Written Programs [22100] ?

Templates of OSHA-required written programs that you can save and modify to your company's specs

VA-Virginia Industry Safety and Health Templates [39993] ?

A series of safety program templates

WA-Washington Accident Prevention Program Guide [16921] ?

Sample accident prevention program for various industries

WA-Washington Safety & Health Core Rules [14493] ?

The basic safety and health rules needed by most employers in Washington State

WY-Wyoming: Sample Written Comprehensive Safety & Health Program [1720] ?

Full text of safety and health program components to assist in compliance with WY state laws

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