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GCat: Occupational Health
MCat: Wellness Programs

Employee health & fitness materials. Levels of cardiovascular health. Nutrition. Workplace wellness programs. Job stress management. Substance abuse programs. DRG, APG & ICD-9-CM coding resources. Health & disability insurance. Medicare. Medical Savings Accounts. HIPAA. CMS, Medicare. Long term care. Hospice. Home health care. Drug free workplace materials.

Consumer Health

Consumer publications, brochures & leaflets from various federal, state and consumer groups related to health & medical information. Doctor/patient relationships. Health quizzes, self-evaluation questionnaires. Consumer resource handbook. Home health guide. Health libraries and self-care resources.

Daily Health News

Daily headlines and weekly news articles related to health and the healthcare industry. Government affairs. Reuters Daily Health Summaries. Congressional updates, action alerts, legislative news of interest to medical practice.

Drug Free Workplace

Employer guides and resources for establishing a substance abuse program in the workplace - drug policies, interactive cost / benefit worksheet, employee survey, etc. Database of specimen collection sites. Variety of articles on recognizing and preventing substance abuse. State drug laws. Statistics on workplace substance abuse. Drug and Alcohol Workplace Kit.


EAP standards and guidelines, directories of service providers, articles for and about the EAP industry, EAP certification.


Nursing Home Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) Minimum Data Set (MDS). Resources for practitioners and other professionals in aging from the Administration on Aging. Step-by-step nursing home evaluation process. Statistics on the elderly. Assessment tools to evaluate daily living abilities, etc.

Fatigue Management

Scientific information on fatigue, sleep, circadian rhythms & performance. Managing fatigue in operational settings. Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Safety and health in shiftwork.


Discussion of the use of massage therapists in the workplace. Fitness guides. Exercises and physical activity guidelines. Stretches.

Health Insurance

The most common reasons health insurance claims are denied. Common components of a group long-term disability contract. Questions and answers about STD/LTD insurance. Large collection of articles about disability and insurance issues. Insurance Company Credit Ratings - Life & Health - Standard & Poor's and Duff & Phelps Credit Rating Co.

Health Promotion

Guidance for companies to control the costs associated with workplace illness by promoting disease prevention.

Health Savings Accounts

Explanations of Medical Savings Accounts with real life examples. Directory of health insurance carriers who provide Medical Savings Accounts. Articles on MSAs: legislative action, private sector plans, Medicare, guidelines, taxes, etc. A model for a cafeteria plan-wrapped MSA program.


Answers to some of the questions most often asked by consumers about hospice. Hospice industry news on legislative affairs, regulatory affairs, research, legal, and public relations. Statistical fact sheets. Field tested, immediately applicable ideas contributing to the success of hospices in the US. Medicare hospice agencey wage indexes. Quality of life index.

Oral Health

Consumer/patient information: dental health facts and topics, dental terminology, images and diagrams for the general public. Dental discussion groups. Dental hygiene materials. Infection control in dentistry. Topics for dentists - research and clinical issues, statistics and more. Specialties, such as implant dentistry, orthodontics, pediatric dentistry, etc.

Personality Factors

Personality tests and job analysis. Personality measures and processes. The Big 5. Self-esteem. Keirsey Temperment Sorter.

Smoking Cessation

Fact sheets, statistical data tables, Surgeon General Reports, tips on how to quit smoking, etc. Very large number of articles, editorials, publications, press releases, etc. related to tobacco. Discussion of workplace rules regarding smoking and state laws. Respiratory health effects of passive smoking (i.e., secondhand smoke).

Stress Management

Stress management. Occupational job strain. Workaholic quiz. Post-traumatic stress disorder. Guide to occupational stress designed for managers and supervisors. Large number of documents on managing stress at home and at work. Job burnout.

Substance Abuse

Guidance in the substance abuse treatment field. Alcohol & drug abuse fact sheets. Terminology, drug/alcohol abuse symptoms, data, other statistics. Train servers to detect & prevent customer intoxication. Treatment of alcoholism and substance abuse.

Sunburn Prevention

EPA documents related to the ultraviolet index. Causes and prevention of skin cancer. Answers to frequently asked questions about sunglasses.

Weight Control

Wellness materials related to healthy diet management and weight control

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