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State WC board decisions, administrative law judge opinions, WC Amicus Curiae briefs. Workers compensation case law. Workers comp court decisions.

34 Resources
AK-Alaska WC Decisions and Orders [15222] ?

Search engine of the decisions and orders of the Alaska WC Division

CA-California WCAB Decisions [11155] ?

Full text of Workers' Compensation Appeals Board decisions

CT-Connecticut Compensation Review Board Opinions [11160] ?

Opinions from 1994 to the present

FECA Employees Compensation Appeals Board [28780] ?

Information about claims under the Federal Employees' Compensation Act (FECA)

ID-Idaho Decisions of the Industrial Commission [656] ?

Decisions from 2005 to the present

IL-Illinois: Workers Compensation Cases [5958] ?

Case reviews of recent workers compensation decisions in Illinois

KS-Kansas WC Board Decisions [15252] ?

The Workers Compensation Board is responsible for the review of decisions appealed from ALJ's

MA-Massachusetts: DIA Reviewing Board Decisions [11214] ?

Decisions of the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents Reviewing Board

MD-Maryland WC Decisions [23193] ?

Appellate court decisions on the state's WC laws

MI-Michigan Appellate Commission Opinions Search [26363] ?

A search engine for Michigan WC decisions

MI-Michigan Worker's Compensation Magistrate Opinions [15259] ?

For Workers’ Compensation Magistrate opinions mailed after 1/1/2006

MN-Minnesota Workers Compensation Decisions [15293] ?

Decisions in WC law in the state of Minnesota

MO-Missouri Workers Compensation Decisions [15298] ?

WC appeal decisions, prevailing wage appeal decisions, project labor decisions

MT-Montana Workers' Compensation Court Decisions [11226] ?

Opinions from September, 1993 to the present

N.C. Industrial Commission Opinions [11228] ?

Obtain NCIC Commission decisions

NC-North Carolina Appellate Index: Workers Compensation [11307] ?

Workers compensation decisions for the NC Court of Appeals

NE-Nebraska WC Court Decisions [15322] ?

Search site allows you to search the decisions and orders of the Nebraska Workers Compensation Court

NY-New York Court of Appeals WC Decisions [3048] ?

Full text of court of appeals decisions for the state of New York

OR-Oregon Workers Compensation Board Cases [15338] ?

Significant and noteworthy cases of the Oregon WCB and courts

Updated RI-Rhode Island Workers Compensation Court [5922] ?

Responsible for WC court decisions

TX-Texas WC Administrative Decisions [11260] ?

Decisions from 1999 to the present - WC Appeal Panel, Medical Decisions

UT-Utah Labor Commission Adjudication Division [23221] ?

Responsible for workers compensation hearings

VA-Virginia WC Commission Opinions [13086] ?

A database of opinions

VT-Vermont WC Decisions [17269] ?

Summaries of the most recent Vermont workers compensation decisions

Updated WA-Washington Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals Significant Decisions [15265] ?

Reviews decisions made by DOLI in relation to WC claims & WISHA appeals

WI-Wisconsin LIRC Workers Compensation Decisions [15268] ?

Wisconsin Labor & Industry Review Commission WC decisions

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