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State EDI requirements

PA-Pennsylvania EDI Requirements for WC [36290] ?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) involves the computer-to-computer exchange of data between companies and the State

WC Federal Laws

Federal workers compensation laws

Division of Federal Employees Compensation Regulations [28778] ?

These regulations pertain only to Federal employees and agencies

Federal Employees Workers Compensation Act [5799] ?

Full text of Public Law 103-3 Federal Employees Workers Compensation Act

WC Fee Schedules

Workers compensation medical fee schedules

PA-Pennsylvania Charge Classes by Zip Code [23215] ?

The major users for this list are those who reprice medical bills to the workers' compensation fee schedule

PA-Pennyslvania: WC Fee Schedule [11253] ?

Workers' Compensation Fee Schedule for Part A (Tables A through H) and Part B medical providers

WC Insurance

Sources related to workers compensation insurance

Statutes of Limitation in Workers Compensation Cases [12206] ?

States differ with regard to the amount of time they will allow for a claimant to file a claim

Unbundled Workers Compensation Program [12073] ?

Succeeding with an Unbundled Claims Management Approach

WC Return to Work

Managing workers compensation costs by returning injured workers to work

Return to Work Program for Injured Workers [13403] ?

Steps for Developing a Return-to-Work Program

WC Self-Insurance

State requirements for self insurance of WC

PA-Pennsylvania WC Self-Insured Employers [23214] ?

Lists of self-insured employers and group self-insureds

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