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WC Drug Free Programs

Workers compensation discounts for establishing workplace drug-free programs

AL-Alabama WC Drug-Free Workplace Program [10616] ?

Outlines certification requirements of an employer's drug-free program to receive WC discounts


State EDI requirements

AL-Alabama WC EDI [29095] ?

Information related to the state's EDI requirements for workers compensation

WC Fee Schedules

Workers compensation medical fee schedules

AL-Alabama WC Provider Fee Schedules [23703] ?

From 2007 to the present

WC Insurance

Sources related to workers compensation insurance

WC Claims Leakage [38741] ?

How to reduce the negative impact of CL through the effective use of technology is the focus of this article

WC Managed Care

Guidance on managed care in workers compensation to control medical costs

AL-Alabama WC Utilization Review & Bill Screening Rules [21737] ?

The initial effective date of these rules was September 12, 1996

WC Programs

Support materials for implementation of workers compensation programs

Workers Compensation Program [8311] ?

A university's workers compensation program

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